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How to maintain the knowledge of the starter must know

2017-07-17 skimmed:1837

How can we start the maintenance of the engine? We can not just do not use the maintenance of the owner, so the knowledge of the maintenance of the car everything to know the point, today with everyone to take a look at the maintenance of the engine knowledge it! Starter in accordance with the working principle Divided into direct current starter, gasoline starter, compressed air starter and so on. At present, most of the internal combustion engine is a DC starter, which is characterized by compact structure, simple operation and easy maintenance.

The gasoline starter is a small gasoline engine with a clutch and a variable speed mechanism. It has a large power and is less affected by the temperature. It can start a large internal combustion engine and apply it to the alpine zone. Compressed air starters are currently divided into two categories, one is to compress the air in accordance with the work sequence into the cylinder, one is the use of pneumatic motor drive flywheel. The use of compressed air starters is close to gasoline starters, and is usually used for large internal combustion engines.

The DC motive is composed of a DC string motor, a steering mechanism and a clutch mechanism. It specializes in starting the engine, requiring a strong torque, so the amount of current to be passed is large, reaching several hundred amps.

DC motor torque at low speed, high torque when the torque gradually smaller, it is suitable for starting the use of motivation.

The starter adopts the DC string choke motor, the rotor and the stator part are made with relatively thick rectangular cross section copper wire; the driving mechanism adopts the reduction gear structure; the manipulator adopts the electromagnetic magnetism method.

First, the characteristics of the starter

1. Power output structure is divided into armature shaft and drive shaft two parts. Both ends of the armature bearing with ball bearings, load distribution, use a long time, easy to wear, armature is shorter, less prone to armature shaft bending, wear magnetic field winding situation.

2. With the reduction gear, between the rotor and the starting gear, the reduction gear is installed, and the torque of the starting motor to the starting gear is increased. The use of electromagnetic switches, so bear the motor (after the gear) after the power output is the starting wheel and starting gear shaft, and the clutch part does not move. Output power of the small starter, often using external meshing, the output power of the starter with the internal way.

3. Deceleration starter using electromagnetic switch operation, some with auxiliary switch (or vice switch). Its role is to prevent the burning of electromagnetic switches and electrical (start) switch. Class power supply, greatly reducing the possibility of damage to the starter, thereby extending the life of the starter.

4. Deceleration starter size and weight is about half of the traditional starter, saving raw materials, while disassembly and repair is very convenient.

5. The number of poles of the slowdown starter is the same as that of the conventional starter, but the magnetic field coil winding is often used in series with a small conductor. The armature winding is the same as the traditional principle, but the manufacturing process is advanced.

Second, the maintenance of the starter

Starter in the process of starting the engine, from the battery into the 300 ~ 400Ah power, so in order to prevent the battery overcurrent or damage phenomenon, the starting time should not exceed 5s; winter prone to the phenomenon of starting difficult, many times Each time the start should not be too long, the start should also leave the appropriate interval.

Third, the starter fault check

1, the battery is no electricity or weak power, so the starter can not turn or slow rotation of the fault.

2, the starter thread loose or fall off, switch or adsorption switch failure.

3, brush wear or brush surface is not correct, spring weakness, so that the rectifier contact bad.

4, excitation coil or armature coil short circuit and open circuit.